minecraft creeper spider mod

Creeper Spider Mod

Ordinary spiders and creepers are too weak and boring?

You need some more challenge or even more epic items?

Don’t worry! Creeper Spider Mod Will help you by adding Spider Creeper combination. Two mobs have become one.

Creeper spider has 36 health.

Can climb walls and has same abilities as creeper.

When health is below 12 will try to explode like a ordinary creeper otherwise will fight melee and leap on attacks like a spider.

Can be powered by lightning and will have bigger explosion when powered.

Will drop Creeper string on death.

Has 5% chance to spawn in plains, swamps and forests at night.


V1.0.1 for 1.14.3

P.s this creeper will attack players, villagers and iron golem so be careful! 🙂

Also this is just a simple mod no hundreds or thousand features would be added to this mod anytime soon 🙂 This mod is basically small and simple like Creeper Fish mod 🙂